Congratulations President-Elect Barack Obama.

| Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I felt honored to see such a person being elected President of the United States; a man of integrity, great temperament and humility. These are the values that mattered to me. It felt great to witness the celebrations that occurred worldwide; in London, Japan, Indonesia and various parts of the world. He provided hope for many and allowed many others to believe in this dream of grandeur once again.

Looking beyond the elections, I think a somewhat transcendental experience occurred that manifested itself in the elections. The ideal conditions prevailed that allowed people to see beyond the irrelevant conflicts and prejudice to choose someone that represents an idea of endless possibilities and change.

I believe that this result had an impact on the overall consciousness of the United States, or was possibly a consequence of an increase in the overall consciousness of the United States. Even though things may look grim in the economy, there is a greater force at work that could allow all our supposed problems to disappear in the blink of an eye. Just wait and see. Just as Obama made history, all these problems of today will soon be history. He has what it takes to dissolve these issues; integrity, openness and the belief that peace can be a prevailing condition if events are handled correctly.

Congratulations Obama. My prayers are with you through the next phase of your journey.